In 2018, Nijmegen was Green Capital of Europe.

And we keep going on

The five themes of Nijmegen EGC 2018 represented five radical developments that are necessary to keep our cities beautiful and livable: clean mobility, fossil-free energy, sustainable food supply, vital city and circular economy.

Within Nijmegen, we have been working for quit some time on the transition to sustainable mobility and fossil-free energy. Think of electric driving, e-hubs, even more cycle paths, an environmental zone, wind turbines, solar panels, heat network and Nijmegen gas-free. We will continue with these transitions.

The continuation of Green Capital focuses mainly on the transitions green / biodiversity, food, climate adaptations and the waste-free city.

International network

Nijmegen also put itself in the spotlight internationally last year. Because of this, Nijmegen has gained access to international networks and organizations. For example the global network of sustainable cities ICLEI. We would like to expand this international position in the continuation of Green Capital even further.

These programs are developed in the city-wide work program.

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