What will happen this summer

De Groene Meesterproef

De Groene Meesterproef

Are you in your first or second year of high school and do not know what you want to do later? Then come to De Groene Meesterproef.

Here you get a look at the professions of the future. Which role are you going to play? What can you do? And which techniques can you use for this? That is all difficult to predict, but one thing is certain: young people will soon need knowledge and technology.

For more information, look at the flyer.

Creating Legacy Congress

Creating Legacy Congress

How do we get more out of large events and image-defining exhibitions?

That is the question during the Creating Legacy Congress. Last year there have been a lot of events that yield something for the city in the short or long term. Professionals come together to think about the social importance of events.

Green Capital Fashion: Final Exhibition

Green Capital Fashion: Final Exhibition

Throughout the year Anita Waltman organized all kinds of activities around sustainable fashion. Now it's time to finish this festive with three weeks where sustainability is the norm and good craftsmanship is self-evident, in other words: the Green Capital Fashion final exhibition. Where you will find creative contributions to sustainable fashion from all kinds of makers.

Move through the artwork of Elky Rosa Gerritsen. View the work of the founder of the men’s label Roumans: Sophie Roumans. Listen to Charlotte Alem's story about her material research with jellyfish. Or see how Kloosterkino presents sustainable fashion in their animated film.

More about the exhibition? View the website!

Nijmegen has been elected European Green Capital 2018! We are the first Dutch city to hold this title, with Copenhagen, Bristol, Ljubljana, Essen and several others before us. We have earned the award by spending many years working hard on greening and sustainability. And by ‘we’ we mean the entire city and surroundings; both young and old, with major and minor activities. Read more about European Green Capital here.



The Visitors Pavilion on Kelfkensbos Square is the calling card of Green Capital and Nijmegen in 2018. We are quite proud of it, too! The pavilion is our ‘home’ for all of 2018. Here you’ll find everything you want to know about Green Capital. Feel free to ask us anything, get leaflets of our Green Routes or info about our events and Green Challenges. It’s open for visitors every day between 12 and 5 PM. A number of activities take place in the Pavilion. You will find these in our calendar.

Architect and interior
The pavilion was designed by the famous Flemish architect Chris Poulissen. Does his name sound familiar to you? That could be right! He previously worked on innovative constructions such as the Oversteek and the Lentloper. The interior is by Jordan Artisan. He provided a beautiful, sustainable and recognizable design that everyone feels at home with.

The pavilion is an arc-shaped building made of tree trunks. The pavilion is easy to disassemble. And that’s going to happen after 2018; the pavilion will then be rebuilt and reused somewhere else.