Lots to do, lots to see. Great things are happening in Nijmegen!

Congresses and symposiums, festivals and special activities in the area: there is plenty to see and do in and around the city throughout the year during Nijmegen Green Capital. 

On Friday, 19 January to Sunday, 21 January 2018, we will be organising the Wondertuin (‘miracle garden’) Festival, which will also be the official start of Nijmegen Green Capital. A year in which many national and international conferences will be held in Nijmegen.

But of course, Nijmegen Green Capital is not just about knowledge and business. There will be a green addition to the film festival Go Short and the Vierdaagsefeesten (Four-Day March festivities) will be greener than ever in 2018.

And what about events such as the Zevenheuvelenloop (Seven Hills Run), the InScience film festival, the Fietsvierdaagse (4-day cycling event) and the European Green Week? There will also be special activities and green challenges taking place in Nijmegen and organised on behalf of the region’s environmental movement.

See below for just some of the dozens of events that will be taking place.

Lots to do, lots to see. Great things are happening in Nijmegen!

New Year's reception

08 januari 2018 | Municipality of Nijmegen
Festive start of the new year with a green touch. The people of Nijmegen are welcome from 8:00 p.m. (walk-in from 7:00 p.m.) to 10:00 p.m. at Concert Hall De Vereeniging.

Opening event Wondertuin Festival

19 januari 2018 | Project organisation Nijmegen European Green Capital, Spin Projecten
A multi-day interactive festival at the Valkhof Museum, for all audiences, young and old. Europe, market, debate and dance. Rousing opening of Nijmegen Green Capital!

Hand-over Ceremony

20 januari 2018 | European Commission in collaboration with Nijmegen European Green Capital project organisation

The European Green Capital title will be transferred from Essen to Nijmegen in a lively programme on Saturday afternoon

Energy transition on the political agenda

29 januari 2018 | Nijmegen Architecture Centre and LUX
Debate on the energy transition in relation to the landscape and the resulting political choices.

Nijmegen Architecture Prize

29 januari 2018 | Nijmegen Architect Centre
Presentation of the Nijmegen Architecture Prize for the most sustainable building in Nijmegen. This prestigious prize has a Sustainable Construction category in 2018.

New Year's reception in Brussels

30 januari 2018 | Dutch Permanent Representation to the EU, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium and ERRIN
This Brussels-based event functions as a teaser to the Nijmegen European Green Capital year, hosted by the Dutch Permanent Representation to the EU, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium and ERRIN.    

Sustainability café: Circular Economy

30 januari 2018 | Green Capital Challenges

Experience the activities that residents of Nijmegen have been involved in, in relation to the Circular Economy challenge!

Gelderland Energy agreement Annual Congress

01 februari 2018 | Klimaatverbond
Annual conference at which Gelderland-based parties such as government, water boards, housing corporations, energy corporations and companies work towards making the province of Gelderland climate neutral .

Workshop “Build the home of your dreams”

03 februari 2018 | IEWAN
Workshop and guided tour of the inspiring ‘Strowijk IEWAN’, a neighbourhood built from loam and straw.

An evening about "The ecological footprint of food"

05 februari 2018 | Stichting Science Café Nijmegen
An evening with scientists Rosalie van Zelm (Radboud Universiteit) and Charlotte Verburg (Universiteit Twente) about the ecological footprint of our food.

Lecture "Making the Green Choice"

07 februari 2018 | Radboud Reflects, CC RU

Lecture by brain researcher Alan Sanfey and communication expert Noelle Aarts.

Opening visitor center Kelfkensbos

16 februari 2018 | European Green Capital
The Visitor Center on Kelfkensbos Square is the headquarters of Green Capital and Nijmegen in 2018. All year, this will be your go-to spot for all information about Green Capital. You recognize the Visitor Center by the design of the famous Flemish architect Chris Poulissen.

Planting food forest Eetmeerbosch

17 februari 2018 | Community Supported Agriculture
Planting food forest Eetmeerbosch at Kinderdorp Neerbosch (next to Scherpenkampweg 40). For more information and signing up:

Planting food forest Eetmeerbosch

18 februari 2018 | Community Supported Agriculture
Planting food forest Eetmeerbosch at Kinderdorp Neerbosch (next to Scherpenkampweg 40). For more information and signing up:

Children's council of Nijmegen (Kinderraad)

21 februari 2018 | Nijmegen Council, De Bastei and SOL
The Nijmegen children's council will convene to prepare for the children’s climate conference (Kinderklimaattop) in Arnhem.

Sustainability café: Waste

27 februari 2018 | Green Capital Challenges
Be amazed at the solutions and discoveries that the residents of Nijmegen have thought up and created during the Challenge Afval (waste challenge)!

Walk of Waste Game

27 februari 2018 | Plastic Soup Nijmegen
A game using artistic waste bins made from waste and on display on Waalkade.

Green Capital Challenge: build hotels for insects

28 februari 2018 | Hortus Nijmegen

Build hotels for insects with a group of children from primary school Brakkenstein. The hotels will be given away to schools that participate in the Boomfeestdag event on March 14. From 9.30 to 11.30 am.

Walking for Water

21 maart 2018 | Rotary in collaboration with Green Capital Challenges
In this edition, rotaries will work with Green Capital Challenge to create an interesting route for Walking for Water.

Teachers Day Geography

27 maart 2018
Substantive lectures by Dr Mark Wiering (climate change and risk management) and Dr Joris Schapendonk (migration flows from Africa). Followed by workshops to put theory into practice.

Sustainability Café: Biodiversity

27 maart 2018 | Green Capital Challenges
See the creative solutions of inhabitants of Nijmegen in the context of the Biodiversity challenge.

Presentation and discussion “Designing renewable energy sources”

28 maart 2018 | Nijmegen Architecture Centre
Discussion on how we can integrate energy sources into our city and landscape in a more natural way.

Sustainability Market

28 maart 2018 | ROC

Students from ROC Engineering join forces with local companies to present their ideas en solutions for a climate-neutral way of building and living. From 12 to 16 pm, at the Heyendaalseweg (Technovium hall).

Networking breakfast Sustainable Leadership

08 maart 2018 | Provincie Gelderland
On International Women's Day a networking breakfast is organized for women in this region. Inspirational speakers will be sharing their experiences on sustainable leadership.  

“Brakkenstein” Book Presentation

09 maart 2018 | “The history of a country house in Nijmegen” by Klaas Bouwer
The book describes the history of the best preserved estate in Nijmegen from about 1650 until the present. Besides the villa, the park and the Hortus, it also describes all families who have lived there.

Start of IVN Tree course

09 maart 2018 | IVN
The IVN tree course will start this month; you can learn all about trees and their dormant and hidden buds, blossoms and leaves.

Nijmeegs Book Event

10 maart 2018 | Concertgebouw De Vereeniging
Nijmegen celebrates National Book Week with the Nijmeegs Book Event. This years theme is 'nature'. Visitors can bring their own plant to the event and swap it with another plant to take home afterwards.

Tree celebration

14 maart 2018 | Arjan Vernhout, Eric Mol and the City of Nijmegen
At more than 30 elementary schools, children (2,000 in total!) will plant over 6,000 trees and shrubs, especially fruit and nut trees.

Childrens' Climate Summit

16 maart 2018

Opening exposition "Sustainability: Eyes on the future"

17 maart 2018

Art meets religion. Alderman Sustainability Harriët Tiemens opens the exhibition. Around 15.30 pm in Ontmoetingskerk Dukenburg

Treaties of Nijmegen Medal

05 april 2018 | Municipality of Nijmegen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Radboud University and NXP Semiconductors
A bi-annual prize for people committed to peace in and the position of Europe.

Festival Art Laboratory

08 april 2018

At Festival Art Laboratory you experience art, design and experiments. Meet the makers and participate in workshops and other events! From 13 to 21 pm, free entrance.

Start of the Green Course “Explore Green Environment” of Nijmegen”

10 april 2018 | IVN
Would you like to know more about nature and landscape around Nijmegen? Then join this course!

Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen

11 april 2018 | Go Short

Go Short offers an extensive program of events, talks, workshops, parties and meeting points for the film makers, the public and other stakeholders. From the 11th to the 15th of April. Find out more on!

Ports and the City; smart and healthy

12 april 2018 | Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Nijmegen Council
Two-day international conference. Port cities and inland shipping working together for healthy and sustainable inland ports and inland waterway transport sector

Working Conference Green, Healthy and in Motion

12 april 2018 | City of Nijmegen, GGD (municipal health service), Radboud university medical center
A healthy city is created together: inhabitants, healthcare and wellness, education and entrepreneurs. The central theme of the working conferences is getting the city moving. Join us!

Ports and the City; smart and healthy

13 april 2018 | Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Nijmegen Council
Two-day international conference. Port cities and inland shipping working together for healthy and sustainable inland ports and inland waterway transport sector.

Conference "Growing Green City Routes"

16 april 2018 | Binnenstadservice Nederland
An inspirational conference that gives the floor to important stakeholders in city logistics to exchange operational experience, knowledge and innovations on European Urban Freight consolidation. For more info, visit:

Sustainability Café: Mobility

24 april 2018 | Green Capital Challenges
Be inspired by the smart actions of inhabitants of Nijmegen during the Mobility Challenge

Historic rally

28 april 2018

Dutch Pedal Boating Championship

12 mei 2018 | Tour of Nijmegen
The Dutch Pedal Boating Championship in the Spiegelwaal, as a fun side event of the recreational Tour of Nijmegen cycle race.

Green Week on campus

14 mei 2018 | Students of Culture on Campus CHECK and AKKU Duurzaam
In this week, sustainability and a habitable world are key, with different activities such as lectures, workshops and a Green Café. From the 14th till the 18th of May.

Koning Willem I Award Ceremony

15 mei 2018 | Koning Willem I foundation
The award ceremony of the prestigious Koning Willem I Prize and the sustainability plaque in Nijmegen in 2018

Sustainability Café: Sustainable Events

15 mei 2018 | Green Capital Challenges
Experience the green solutions that people of Nijmegen came up with during the Sustainable Events challenge

National conference circular economy

17 mei 2018 | Rabobank, KPMG, Municipality of Nijmegen, MARN, ARN B.V., Remondis, Gelderland Province, VNO-NCW
Presentation of best practices in circular economy, including practices market.

Opening of De Bastei

19 mei 2018 | De Bastei
Grand opening of the centre for nature and cultural history on the eastern dock of the River Waal, where city, river and nature come together.

European Green Week “Green cities for a greener future”

21 mei 2018 | European Commission
In the European “Green Week”, taking place in Brussels, the European Commission will explore how it can help cities become healthy and liveable environments for living and working. A delegation from the Nijmegen region will attend this Brussels event.

Green Capital Fashion presents: Sustainable Fashion Week

21 mei 2018 | Anita Waltman in collaboration with ROC, NSG and cultural parties
During the sustainable fashion week – organised by school pupils and students – a wide general public will be able to enjoy an inspiring exhibition + fashion show. From the 21th to the 27th of May.

National festival Vier de Natuur / Fête de la Nature (celebrate nature)

26 mei 2018 | Various parties and people from Nijmegen
The biggest nature festival in the Netherlands with many activities in parks, gardens and green areas. Anyone can join by organising a large or small activity.


28 mei 2018 | EURAF and the City of Nijmegen
A bi-annual International conference on the combination of forestry and agriculture (Agroforestry). From the 28th until the 31th of May.

Sustainable construction hardware store for idealists: from G to A

28 mei 2018 | Nijmegen Architecture Centre, Rabobank Nijmegen and sustainable homewares store Reimarkt
The builder or renovator takes a central role in a hardware store for idealists who want to make their home more sustainable.

Opening of Lent Food Forest

29 mei 2018 | Rondom de Eik neighbourhood association in collaboration with Groesbeek Food Forests
Information for residents about - and with a buffet meal including - remarkable plants.

Zoem Sessions Nijmegen

29 mei 2018
The Zoem Sessions are part of the campaign 'Nederland Zoemt', which aims to increase the food supply and nesting facilities for wild bees in the Netherlands.

Inspiration Market "Sustainable Constructing"

02 juni 2018

Workshop “Food from nature”

03 juni 2018 | IEWAN
Learn how to eat from nature and take a tour through the straw neighbourhood IEWAN.

MVO Award

04 juni 2018
Rijk van Nijmegen Uitdaging, formerly known as De Maatschappelijke MeerWaarde, reveals the winner of the MVO Award.

Nijmegen Open Gardens Day

10 juni 2018 | Nijmeegse Stadstuinen
The 20th anniversary of the Nijmegen Open Gardens Day.

Steenbreek Network Day

13 juni 2018 | Operation Steenbreek
Operation Steenbreek (“Breaking Stones”) stimulates us to make our gardens greener, allowing the water to escape more easily. The annual networking day takes place in Nijmegen in 2018.

Afrika Festival: Sustainable accent

15 juni 2018 | Fair2, Thiemeloods and Fairweggistan
The Afrika Festival will be organised in a greener manner in 2018, and will be linked with Nijmegen European Green Capital.

Blowlands Energy Festival

16 juni 2018 | Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe, De Grift Nijmegen
Visitors to Blowlands Energy Festival are introduced to new ways to generate energy oneself in an easy to understand, playful and interactive way.

Green Capital Week

18 juni 2018 | Nijmegen Project Organisation European Green Capital and partners
Ten days full of activities and festivals surrounding the Award ceremony of the European Green Capital.

An Innovative Truth IX – Conference about IT, Sustainability & Innovation

19 juni 2018 | GreenICT foundation
The theme of this edition, which takes place on the Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen, is “The Enabler for Sustainability & Innovation” and focuses on the crucial role of Information and Communications Technology for Sustainability and Innovation.

Green Schoolyards Conference

20 juni 2018
From 14:00-18:00 pm.

Award Ceremony

21 juni 2018 | European Commission in collaboration with Nijmegen European Green Capital project organisation
Finals of the European Green Capital Award 2020 and European Green Leaf Award, and announcement of 2020 winners.

Sustainability Café: Energy generation

26 juni 2018 | Green Capital Challenges
Make yourself happy and come and see the most energising results of the Energy-generation challenge!

Opening of Park Lingezegen

28 juni 2018 | Project office Park Lingezegen (municipalities and the Province of Gelderland)
Regional event based on the ‘inauguration’ of Park Lingezegen with its woods for foraging, fast cycle routes and nature education.

Festival “Van gas Los” (Leaving gas behind)

28 juni 2018 | Municipality of Nijmegen
Festival for residents of Nijmegen in which they can see what it means to heat the house and cook without gas. In addition to information on other heating methods, there will be music and entertainment.

Opening of the historic market garden Warmoes in Lent

01 juli 2018 | Warmoes market garden in Lent
Reopening of the renovated and expanded historical market garden with a new shop, exposition and garden café. You can get fresh vegetables, pick flowers, fruit, pet animals here, and from 1 July you can also have coffee or a delicious lunch!

Four-Day Marches festivities Extra sustainable

23 juli 2018 | Stichting Vierdaagse Feesten (Four-Day Marches festivities foundation)
International summer festival devoting special attention to sustainability. With a special party-into-the-future square with a focus on ‘nightlife without a footprint’.

Sustainability Café: Health and Mobility

23 juli 2018 | Green Capital Challenges
Get inspired during the Four Days Marches Festivities by the activities the people of Nijmegen undertook for the challenge Health and Mobility.

Sustainability Café: Water

28 augustus 2018 | Green Capital Challenges
Come and see the results that people of Nijmegen achieved during the Water Challenge.

Fiets4daagse (four days cycling event)

28 augustus 2018 | four-day cycle event
The routes of the Fiets4daagse will take you along green themes in the region, such as the wind turbines at Ressen and the Engie solar park. In 2018 the sustainable energy theme (wind turbines, Engie solar park, etc.) is linked to the route of the Fiets4daagse. From the 28th till the 31th of August.

EU Mobility week/Week van Alternatieve Mobiliteit (week of alternative mobility)

15 september 2018 | Binnenstad Service (urban logistics), Radboud University and the City of Nijmegen
European theme week with the mottos ‘Kom op de fiets’ (go by bike) and ‘Deel je EV’ (share your electric vehicle). There will also be an information market for electric cars.

Discussion “Designing Nijmegen as a sustainable city of mobility”

16 september 2018 | Nijmegen Architecture Centre and Industriële Kring Nijmegen
In the EU Mobility week, ACN and IKN are organising a debate on the future of the city, with room for sustainable mobility and accessibility.

Sustainability Café: Energy saving

25 september 2018 | Green Capital Challenges
Experience the actions that inhabitants of Nijmegen took during the Energy Saving Challenge.

InnoTeP 2018

28 september 2018 | InnoTeP
InnoteP is organising a day in which inspiring speakers from the business community, knowledge institutes and government departments will talk about their innovation theory and practice. As part of EGC2018, the theme in 2018 is ‘Innoveren voor de duurzame stad’ (innovation for the sustainable city).

The Big Draw

29 september 2018 | Anita Waltman/Kunstpodium Expoplu (art podium)
The 2018 theme of this international festival, which takes place annually in different cities, is sustainability.

Student Orientation Week

29 september 2018 | HAN University and Radboud University
Sustainability is an important theme of the 2018 Orientation Weeks, in which new students get to know each other, their degree programme and the city.

Urban Mobility Partnership meeting

29 september 2018 | Municipality of Karlsruhe and the City of Nijmegen
The meeting of the European Urban Mobility Partnership will take place in Nijmegen.

Eco Procura

03 oktober 2018 | ICLEI, in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, PIANOO and Municipality of Nijmegen
This unique international conference on sustainable and circular purchasing is held in Nijmegen in 2018.

‘The City as a Business Model’ conference

03 oktober 2018 | Radboud University
European professionals mingle with each other during a two-day conference about circular business models.

Working Conference Green, Healthy and in Motion

04 oktober 2018 | City of Nijmegen, GGD (municipal health service), Radboud university medical center
Broad conference around the theme of the healthy city. With residents, healthcare and wellness, education and entrepreneurs. Take action and join us!

IVN members’ day

06 oktober 2018 | IVN
The annual national IVN members day takes place in Nijmegen. Lectures and inspiration in The Vereeniging in the morning, excursions in the afternoon.

DIY Cleaning Detergent Workshop

07 oktober 2018 | IEWAN
Sustainable cleaning workshop and tour through the straw neighbourhood IEWAN.

CleanMed Conference

10 oktober 2018 | Radboud university medical center
This International conference on sustainable medical technology and sustainable care is having its 20th edition in Nijmegen.

Green Footsteps

29 oktober 2018 | De Bastei
Action week for schools. What is CO2, and why should we emit as little of it as possible? And how can you contribute – for example, by your method of getting to school?

Sustainability Café: Nutrition

30 oktober 2018 | Green Capital Challenges

The chance to really take in the healthy finds of the participants in the Nutrition Challenge.

Sustainable Events Conference

30 oktober 2018 | ACBN, Stichting Zevenheuvelenloop
International Conference on the sustainable organising of events.

Networking event "Energy X Change"

01 november 2018 | Power2Nijmegen & Energy Made In Arnhem
An inspiring day with lots of opportunities to connect with people. Program will follow. The event ends with a reception. Start: 15.30 pm at hotel Van der Valk Nijmegen-Lent.

InScience Festival

03 november 2018 | Stichting InScience

This annual multi-day international festival for the science film has sustainability as its theme in 2018.

Expedition Garden fruit

04 november 2018
250 new residents of the Waalsprong/Nijmegen North will receive a fruit tree of an old species for their own yard. Expedition Garden fruit takes place during Co-bomen’s annual harvest festival, on the first Sunday in November.

National heat conference (Nationaal Warmtecongres)

08 november 2018 | uroforum in collaboration with the City of Nijmegen

An annual national conference for 350 to 400 professionals in the heating sector.

Sustainability practices

10 november 2018 | Radboud University
Seminar on sustainability for policy makers, scientists and entrepreneurs

Sustainability in Sports

15 november 2018 | Radboud Sports Centre
International conference on sustainability and sport: How do we make sport even healthier?

Seven Hills Run (Zevenheuvelenloop)

15 november 2018 | Stichting Zevenheuvelenloop (Seven Hills Run Foundation)
The most sustainable running event in the Netherlands, which has been working on sustainability since the 90s. Take a look under the hood of the 35th edition!

Waalstrand Clean Up Awards Ceremony

20 november 2018 | Nijmegen Architecture Centre, Plastic Soup Nijmegen, ArtEZ and Radboud University
Participants present their ideas for solutions for a cleaner Waalstrand beach and Rivierpark, and the winner will be announced.  

Sustainability Café: Trade

27 november 2018 | Green Capital Challenges
Come and assess the results that people of Nijmegen achieved during the Trade Challenge.

Sustainability Café: Social Sustainability and Bingo

10 december 2018 | Green Capital Challenges

Presentation of the connecting activities that residents of Nijmegen organised during the Sociale Duurzaamheid (social sustainability) Challenge. With sustainability bingo!

Closing event

12 december 2018 | European Green Capital project organisation
Festive closing of the year in which Nijmegen was the Green capital of Europe and the kick-off for sustainable activities that will take place after 2018.

Vegetarian Christmas dinner

21 december 2018 | Vegetarische Donderdag (vegetarian Thursday) Nijmegen
Restaurants are challenged to cook a vegetarian Christmas dinner. Come and have a taste!