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Nijmegen has been awarded the title of European Green Capital 2018. For a whole year, we will be the Green Capital of Europe. What a great compliment!

We are the first Dutch city to hold this title, with Copenhagen, Bristol, Ljubljana, Essen and several others before us. We have earned the award by spending many years working hard on greening and sustainability. And by ‘we’ we mean the entire city and surroundings; both young and old, with major and minor activities.

And we’re about to celebrate this achievement, and how! In 2018, we’ll be showing the Netherlands and Europe that it is possible, and how it is possible. We’ll show people how we invest in food, health and a green living environment, and in sustainable business and technical innovations as well.

And we’re still far from finished. Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, is now more than ever before a city of the future; a leader of a major green movement. Other people come here to see how we do this, and in turn we learn from others. We want to inspire and activate people and companies, while creating green projects and green jobs. Join us!

> What is a Green Capital?

The European Green Capital Award is an initiative of the European Commission. The title is awarded every year to a European city that leads the way in sustainability, thus serving as a source of inspiration for other cities. The winner then carries the title of European Green Capital for one year.

> Who we are there for

Nijmegen Green Capital is for policymakers from Europe and the Netherlands, for professionals and foreign delegations. However, the green capital is also for the city’s own residents, for entrepreneurs, for students, school pupils and tourists. In fact, it is for everyone who loves sustainability. Old city, green vibe!

> Our ambitions

We want to:

  • raise our sustainability policy to a higher level and accelerate existing projects
  • contribute towards a strong regional economy, with a focus on health, energy and sustainability
  • be a challenging role model for medium-sized cities in the coming year
  • become widely known in Europe and continue to be a city that thinks and acts in a green manner

> Network Nijmegen 2018

Nijmegen Green Capital can depend on the support and active participation of a large group of people who, in both word and deed, promote sustainability targets and green innovations in the city and surrounding areas: companies, institutions, environmental movements, scientists, celebrities and local heroes. Together, they form the Nijmegen Network 2018.

> Nijmegen Green Capital 2018 Manifesto

The parties involved have all signed the Nijmegen 2018 Manifesto. In doing so, they endorse the green ambitions of Nijmegen, before, during and most certainly after 2018. Click here to read the manifesto. If you would also like to sign the manifesto, please contact us by sending an email to greencapital@nijmegen.nl.

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About us