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Tuesday 19 June – Reception of delegations in De Bastei

Location: De Bastei – Waalkade 83 – 84, Nijmegen

Time: 17.00 – 18.30

On Tuesday the City of Nijmegen welcomes the European Green Capital and Green Leaf City delegations in De Bastei. The reception will take place on the top floor, with the most spectacular view of Nijmegen. Mr Hubert Bruls, Mayor of Nijmegen will give the welcome address. There will be time for informal introductions and practical questions.


Thursday 21 June – Triple helix symposium ‘Follow the Green Track’

Location: Radboud University – Grotiusgebouw – Montessorilaan 10, Nijmegen

Time: 09.00 – 13.30

On Thursday 21 June the City of Nijmegen organizes a popular scientific symposium for the triple helix of foreign delegations and the Dutch network. The symposium will take place at the Radboud University in the Grotius building.

It concerns a participatory symposium for city delegations, business stakeholders and academia on the power of sustainable cities and the importance of networking with stakeholders.  Themes of the symposium are the strength of the sustainable city: cities as a source of sustainable development for city and surroundings. And the strength of network participation and collaboration (citizens, businesses, knowledge sector, education & government). The symposium offers inspiration and opportunities to share best practices.

Representatives of the EU, former Green Capitals and candidates for the European Green Capital award 2020 will be attending the symposium programme in the morning. Therefore, the main language is English. An important part of the symposium is interactive. Below you will find an outline of the programme:

9.00 Welcome
9.30 Introduction by chairman of the day Kim Coppens and short contributions from Wilma de Koning (Executive Board Radboud University) and Harriët Tiemens (Vice Mayor of Nijmegen).
9.45 Video message by Stientje van Veldhoven (State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management)
Keynote by Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme about innovation and sustainability
Keynote by Rabobank CEO Wiebe Draijer about sustainability as an economic strategy
11.00 Generating ideas together about making the city more sustainable and the role of the societal initiatives. Interaction led by Emile Mazerant.
12.15 Panel discussion on the questions: how do we scale the green movement? Will sustainability be ‘the new way of living everyday life’ in the future?
With Janneke de Vries (World Resources Institute), Noelle Aerts (professor of communication & participation), Caroline de Greef (Green Challenges) and Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (Vice Mayor of Oslo)
12.45 Closing words by the Mayor of Nijmegen, Hubert Bruls

If you have not registered yet, you can still do so via the following link:


Thursday 21 June – On site project visits

A number of on-site projects visits are organized by the city of Nijmegen. The city of Nijmegen would like to give their foreign and Dutch guests the opportunity to experience the Green Capital on foot: Each tour will last until approximately 16:30h.

Location: Radboud University – Grotiusgebouw – Montessorilaan 10, Nijmegen

Time: 14.00 – 17.00 The buses will depart at 14.00 from the address above

 1. City walk: cultural history and green spots

Explore the oldest city in the Netherlands. Nijmegen, with its rich cultural history, dates back over two thousand years to when the Romans settled there, making it the largest city in the Netherlands at that time. A guide will show you the historical points of interest and, of course, the locations that have earned Nijmegen its title as ‘Green Capital’.

2. City walk: as green as it gets

Where do you have to go to see Nijmegen at its greenest? The city of Nijmegen has developed a walking tour that will take you past the projects, companies and organizations in Nijmegen that are leading the way in sustainability. A professional green guide will help you discover Nijmegen at its greenest.

3. Island walk: The Waal river

The Waal river bends sharply near Nijmegen. In 1993 and 1995, the resulting bottleneck led to high water levels and flooding. The city of Nijmegen had to take steps to prevent this from happening again and to protect the inhabitants of the city against the water. This involved moving the Waal dyke in Lent and constructing an ancillary channel in the flood plains. This created an island in the Waal. A guide will tell you more about this unique urban river park and the recreational and cultural opportunities it offers.

4. RadboudUMC and Radboud University campus walk: a sustainable tour

Radboud University Medical Center and Radboud University are natural partners in sustainability. Their policy focuses on promoting a green campus, energy transition, mobility, food, water and circular solutions. A guide will share insights and experiences relating to these priorities as you walk.

5. Guided tour around “De Bastei”: centre for nature and cultural history

A bridge in time and space…

Befitting its setting in the oldest city of the Netherlands, on the busiest river route in Europe and near the lush scenery of the Dutch nature reserve the Gelderse Poort, De Bastei spans a bridge between history and contemporary topics. The museum takes you on a journey through the past, present and future.

Here in the oldest city of the Netherlands, right at the banks of the river Waal, you literally step into the past’, discover the flora and fauna of Gelderland’s river landscape and try some hands-on activities at De Bastei Academy.

6. Student tour: Honig Complex

The place to be in Nijmegen (at least until 2022) is the Honig Complex. This former factory, housed in a characteristic building in the west of the city, is an artistic and cultural hub, hosting various large and small-scale events each week.

Students of the European Green Capital and European Green Leaf City delegations are invited to attend a special on-site project visit to the Honig Complex including a tour and a workshop. They will have the chance to meet students from other city delegations and Dutch students. The city of Nijmegen would like to challenge students to brainstorm on the role and involvement of students in sustainability of cities.

7. High level on-site project visits: The Mayors of the European City delegations

The Mayors plus 1 person are invited to attend this on-site project visit.


Thursday 21 June – Awarding Gala Diner

Location: De Vereeniging – Keizer Karelplein 2D, Nijmegen

Time: 18.30 – 23.00   Awarding Gala Diner

The Awards Ceremony will take place in the format of a gala dinner at the venue De Vereeniging (Keizer Karelplein 2d, 6511 NC Nijmegen), with registration starting at 18:30h. The official ceremony will start at 19:00h (live web-streaming will be available on the day).

Dress code: formal business attire

The Awards Ceremony Gala Dinner is an invitation-only event, attended by jury members, EGC/EGL Expert Panel, European Green Capital and European Green Leaf finalist cities, European Commission officials, representatives from the city of Nijmegen, Member States, as well as previous finalist and winning cities.

During the Awards Ceremony Gala Dinner the European Green Capital 2020 and the European Green Leaf Award 2019 are awarded. The Ceremony will be framed by music and short presentations.

Time: 23.00 – 01.00   After party with live music 

The Awards Ceremony will end with an after party with live music.